Delivery instructions to protect you in the event of a problem

After checking by yourself whether a piece of furniture is damaged, you should always note reservations on the packaging and note the problems found on the furniture.

Valid Mentions:

indicate - the state of the carton
              - + one on the state of the article

              - Stipulate exactly the reference of the damaged parcel

Example: Cardboard crushed, open, punctured, damaged, torn, wet, stained, ...

                AND Furniture broken, scratched, damaged, damaged

Invalid Mentions:

Subject (the presence of these words alone, added to others, renders the entire reserve ineffective)

If one or more invalid reservations noted above are registered on the voucher, no claim can be taken into account by ALINEK.FR

You must imperatively require a duplicate of the delivery note

If no reservation is mentioned, no claim will be accepted

If reservations are imprecise, incomplete and not likely to demonstrate damage on delivery, they may be considered ineffective. (ex: damage to be checked, average cardboard, to see, some damaged parcel ... 2 chairs damaged while there are 3 .., cardboard damaged and furniture defective whereas there are 8 parcels)

If reservations are mentioned and you have kept damaged furniture or parts, please proceed to the procedure required by Article L.133-3 of the French Commercial Code. (see paragraph below)

In any case, if the delivery is not COMPLIANT please notify us as soon as possible by email

Otherwise, we will not be able to help you and advise you in the procedures to follow Article L.133-3 of the Commercial Code, especially you may be out of time.

Procedure of Article L133-3 of the Commercial Code:
The consignee must send a registered letter to the carrier within 3 working days (the period begins the day after the day of delivery, and are excluded only on Sundays and public holidays) in order to specify the reservations made on the delivery note at the time of delivery. moment of receipt.
If this is not done, the recourse being lost by his fault, the addressee will see his responsibility substituted purely and simply for that of the carrier.



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